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1. What Is The Concept Behind Aadeetya's Civil Kitchen Platform?
It is a Kitchen Platform made up of cement concrete slab or kadappa slab with granite or marble on the top. The Civil Kitchen platform consists of supports below the slab made in bricks or precast concrete or kadappa, It also includes stainless steel or built in sink done with masonry work. Many times, it is provided by the builder or construction housing company as a common amenity in a house.
2. What Is The Concept Behind Modular Kitchen System?
It is a set of wooden boxes or carcasses made up of particle board or plywood, arranged in series either straight, "L" shape or "C" shape with granite or marble as a top. Accessories made in fixed dimensions can be fitted inside the carcasses. The main concept behind this type of kitchen system is that cabinets are below & above the platform with shelf & accessories. Modular kitchen can be only installed when civil platform does not exist.
3. What Does Adeetya's "Customised" Kitchen System Look Like?
It is pre-fabricated kitchen system that consists of drawer baskets, trolleys, pull-outs, different accessories & overhead cabinets tailor-made as per the requirement, as per the dimensions available between the two supports below the civil kitchen platform and according to the family size and life style.
4. What Does Adeetya's Ready Kitchen Platform Look Like?
This is a substitute for modular kitchen platform. Granite or marble top is mounted on pre fabricated square pipe structure of basic kitchen system. It can be made when civil platform does not exist and it's tailor-made. Sometimes customer may prefer ready kitchen as an extension to existing civil platform. This platform can be taken out & shifted to a desired place if required


1. What Is Adeetya's Kitchens Concept?
Adeetya's Kitchen System is a Pre-fabricated kitchen. It is specially designed for Indian "Rasoi Ghar". Our kitchen systems have long lasting and antirust Stainless steel tubular carcass. It can be designed tailor-made considering number of family members, their age, life-style, tradition, storage pattern, etc. While developing the tubular structure enough care for ventilation is taken to minimize the problem of insect, pest and their typical stale smell. It is manufactured in our factory at Pune under supervision of experts. The factory made Adeetya's Kitchen System is available in Standard dimension or is tailor-made as per requirements.
2. Why Tubular Carcass?
In Indian kitchens a lot of water is used before and after preparation of water. Traditional wooden carcass get damaged because of water usage or leakages. Functioning of channels and alignment of doors changes in different weather conditions. Stainless steel Tubular carcass is long lasting and antirust. It is weather proof and do not change the dimensions hence functioning of channels and alignment of doors remains same in all weather conditions.
3. What Are The Different Materials Of Adeetya's Kitchen Systems?
Adeetya's kitchen systems Tubular steel carcass and baskets are available in
1. Powder Coated CRCA Pipe.
2. Stainless Steel 304 grade steel (Nickel 8%)
3. Stainless Steel 202 grade steel (Nickel 0.5%)
4. Which Are The Available Accessories?
1. Tall Unit
2. Tall pull out
3. Magic corner
4. Revolving units
5. D tray
6. Ladder unit
7. off Set revolving unit
8. Dripping unit for cabinet
9. Cutlery tray
10. Bottle rack
11. Dustbin stand


1. Does Adeetya's Provide Civil Kitchen Platforms To Customers?
It depends on the dealers & their network. But normally we can arrange an agency for the construction of a platform.
2. Do You Provide A Plan For Ktchen Platform?
We provide construction plan appropriate for an individual's kitchen storage and individuals can get their kitchen done from builder, construction house or any other agency. We can supervise in between the stages. We offer consultancy, site visits, drawings, plans, & quotations to every customer in municipal limits wherever dealers are appointed. Visit charges applicable. Call our Designers or experts to plan your kitchen for better results.
3. What Is A Normal Procedure To Call Adeetya's Experts?
You can call or visit us in our showroom & give your appointment at least one day in advance. Our Designer /experts will visit your site or home as per your convenience.
4. Do You Charge Customers For The Site Visit?
Nominal charges are applicable for site visit. Also services like consultancy, drawings, and quotations on the spot are absolutely free of charge. For outstation Clients, the actual visit charges and other charges are applicable.
5. What Are The Pune Show Rooom Visiting Hours?
Show room visiting hrs are 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM in weekdays. Weekly off varies from city to city.
6. How Does A Customer Go If He/She Is Not In Adeetya's Municipal Limits?
In that case, customer should send his/her kitchen layout- architectural plan with detailed description of kitchen. The description should include the dimensions of kitchen platform such as height, width, depth of the platform, and the kitchen room. Also details about the position of columns, sink and electric connections/outlets should be mentioned. Details of the family size, type of storage are also required and any special requirements should be mentioned. One may take the photographs of kitchen room and mention dimensions over it. Customer can send it either by e-mail, what"s app or by courier. Once we receive the information, we reply the customer with all drawings & quotations. Customer may also call our experts to his/her place with nominal traveling charges.
7. What Type Of Consultancy Service Does Aadeetya's Offer?
Adeetya's offers consultancy service for type of storage systems, selection of trolley systems, construction of platforms, layouts, raw materials used for platforms, sinks, shutters, sources, labors, time frame, limitations and advantages of different options within area of our knowledge.


1. Why Should One Go For Powder Coated Products?
Powder coating is a scratch resistant coating. It is also corrosion resistant. And its recommended for dry storage. For e.g. storage of jars & containers.
2. Does Powder Coating Last? If Yes, How Long?
In non-coastal areas under normal conditions, powder coating may last for about 5 to 7 years. But it really depends on the working conditions in the house. Many times housewives prefer to drain remaining water from washed utensils/vessels and then store in the trolley or drawer. This is a right procedure. But if wet utensils or vessels are stored, it may start to rust out specifically at welding joints.
3. What Are The Remedies If Powder Coated Baskets Rust Out?
We believe rusting starts from the welding joints. So when such rusting is observed, you can make touch ups with the dry powder coating spray or by oil paint or recoat or inform our dealer.
4. What About Kitchen Systems In Coastal Area?
In Coastal areas and for wet storage Stainless Steel 304 Kitchen systems are advisable. It contains 8% nickel which is resistant to corrosion due to water and humidity. (Quality of water varies from area to area. Hard water may contain various chemical in it and it may affect on Stainless steel 304, normally get white stains)
5. Do You Recommend Stainless Steel 202 Grade For Kitchen System.
Stainless steel 202 contains low nickel up to 0.5% hence it is less resistant to corrosion. As the nickel is expensive alloy and it is less in SS 202 grade it is comparatively economic than SS 304 grade. Although in coastal areas SS 202 is not recommended one may use it for carcass in dry area. But one cannot give warranty against rusting.
6. How Can One Identify Difference Between Accessories Made In Stainless Steel 202 Grade And Stainless Steel 304 Grade.
One cannot identify difference between stainless steel 202 grade and stainless steel 304 grade with bare eyes. Both takes good finish, may have same dimensional specifications or similar manufacturing process for making accessories. One can identify the difference by only chemical analysis.
7. Stainless Steel Do Not Catch Magnet. Is It True?
Stainless steel is alloy in ferrous group. It contains ferrous as it main constitution. It can be magnetized or demagnetized. Various manufacturing process like cutting, grinding, polishing or buffing may also create temporary magnetic fields. Hence one cannot claim that Stainless steel do not catch the magnet.


1. What Quality Certification Does Aaditya Industries Hold?
Aaditya Industries holds ISO 9001-2000 Certificate.
2. Is Adeetya's Kitchen System Easy To Clean And Operate?
Adeetya's trolley system below platform is provided with basket or drawers with channels to facilitate smooth & free straight movement. All bottom drawers & trolleys are provided with channel as well as caster wheels so that it can be easily removed for cleaning of floor, which is frequently required in Indian Kitchen. All top cabinetry is also easy to operate & clean.
3. Is Your Kitchen System Useful For Interior Decorators Or Architects?
Yes! Many interior decorators & architects recommend Adeetya's kitchen system to their customers. Its factory assembled and ready to fit, easy for fitment, heavy duty, available in tailor-made and standard dimensions. Architect or Interior designers can buy basic kitchen system with or without tubular carcass and do the rest of the carpentry work with their own ideas without disturbing the decoration concept.
4. Does Your Kitchen System Help To Reduce The Problems Related To Pest?
Yes, it definitely does! Floor below the kitchen platform is more prone to the insects like ants, cockroaches where you normally tend to spill wheat, oil or any other food particles. Our system is easy to remove to facilitate the easy cleaning of the floor space. If you already have cockroach problem, our system helps to reduce it. The root of the problem of insects may be something else like drainage system of a particular house, building, society, area or city, location from the main drain chamber or stream, fitting of nanny trap, gally trap from where these insects normally come. Use of cockroach trap can reduce the problem to satisfactory extent.
5. What Are The Typical Costs For Adeetya's Kitchen Systems?
As Adeetya's makes tailor made kitchen systems, the cost of typical kitchen various from type to type. It really depends upon the requirements of each family, their kitchen layout, their type of storage etc. one can get quote for their kitchen from a dealer and Rate list is available at each dealer outlet.
6. How Long It Takes To Install New Kitchen System From The Day Of Its First Survey?
It takes approximately 10 to 15 days for the manufacturing tailor made kitchen and about 2 to 3 hours for installations at site for the basic kitchen system. Additionally around 15 days to manufacture the shutters and 2 to 3 days for shutter fitting. Transport time varies from city to city.
7. Do You Offer Any Warranty For The Material And Labour In Kitchen Systems?
We offer warranty and after sale service to our products. We offer Life time warranty on fittings and SS 304 grade Accessories. 3 years warranty against manufacturing defect for carpentry items. Visit our outlet to know more details.
8. Do You Offer Kitchen Systems In States/Cities Where You Dont Have Your Delaer?
We can offer our kitchen system or services in other states or cities with extra nominal and actual expence charges.
9. Why Should A Customer Opt For Adeetya's Kitchen Systems Over Other Commercial Systems Available In The Market?
We strongly believe it is not how much we do that counts but it is how well we do that really matters. The quality of our input raw materials, workmen ship, services all together make an essential difference. This philosophy has made us stand good in the market. We have excellent record of completed work/projects offering good quality. We have an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified factory set up & team work. We also provide BEFORE & after sale service to our customers.